The Budget 2015

Last week we had the budget, which saw some useful changes announced as well as one that has caused quite a bit of confusion and worry amongst taxpayers. I’ll cover the headings of the main points below, and expand on these in future blog posts, but the main point that has caused debate is the […]

The future of the tax return?

There have been some press reports this morning predicting changes to tax returns in the budget to be held later. It’s an interesting idea, and I look forward to finding out more when the actual budget takes place. For those who have very simple tax affairs, perhaps a higher rate employment and some investment income, […]

New tax-free savings allowance

From 6th April 2015 there is a new tax rate for savings interest income. This will mean that most people with total income for the year of £15,600 or below will be able to have their savings interest paid tax-free (at present there is a 20% standard tax deduction.) HMRC has more information, and an […]

My new business card

taxhelp 2015 business card

Even though a lot of connections are made online, there is still a place for the traditional business card. However, things have moved on in recent years and I thought I’d take the time to explain why my own card is somewhat different from the traditional expectations from many years ago. The front of my […]