1) Be a person, not a business name

So many people’s websites don’t even say their own name and just have the trading name – people want to know who it is they are dealing with, and some details about who they are as a person.

This is why I also have several videos on our website so that people can see who I am in the video interview, as well as sharing some personal information about myself.

One of our largest clients actually contacted me after reading about my private flying experience, rather than what you would have thought – my over 25 years of business experience and dual qualifications in tax and accounts. After discussing business when we met, we actually spent over an hour discussing flying.

2) Be flexible in meeting times

Clients have their own business to run so taking time away from this to see you can have a detrimental effect, and can cost them a significant amount in lost working time. I am flexible as to when I will see people to fit in with their schedule. It’s not just the cost of your service; it’s the cost of their time in using you that you need to account for as well.

3) Be flexible as to meeting locations

Many businesses require the client to come to see them in their office. With commuting time this can mean a client could potentially lose half a day’s work.

I will visit clients wherever is most convenient for them – whether it is local to where they are working at lunchtime, at their home in the evening or wherever is easiest. Clients really appreciate it when you fit in with their needs.

4) Network extensively
I network extensively, both online and offline – this is important as it can take over a year to build relationships with people before they may do business with you.

Many people expect to get an instant result from networking, whereas if you are consistent then the results will come in time.

5) Don’t always use traditional marketing methods

For a small business trying to use traditional marketing methods, you are competing with others who may have much larger budgets, so it can be difficult to gain an effective result.

The power of the digital economy is that everyone now has the same potential influence available to them, and the budget available isn’t the deciding factor.

6) Be easily contactable

So many websites, as well as not telling you the person’s name, don’t even have their phone number or email address!

Different clients will have their own preferred method of contacting you, whether by phone, email, text, etc. so make sure you are easily reached.