I have several clients who are due refunds from HMRC, due to tax overpaid in the previous year.

In the early stages of the new tax year it is a good time to prepare and submit the tax returns, so that these can be processed by HMRC when their workload is lighter. Indeed, if a return is submitted close to the submission deadline then it can be many weeks before a refund is processed by HMRC and issued.

In previous years, the quickest I have seen a return processed and the refund issued at this time of year was over about 3 weeks…

However in April 2013 HMRC have beaten this record, with only one day required between return submission and the issue of the payable order to our client!

As we submit the returns online directly to HMRC, using our award-winning software, they have all the information they need which speeds up the process.

If you know anyone who could be due a refund, please do put them in touch – whilst a one day refund might not be possible, submitting the return at this time of year will speed up the process.