This is a straightforward question…

can you handle more business?


If you can, I may have the solution for you…

I know the value of business networking, and highly recommend that people join a group to grow their business.

The organisation that I personally recommend is BNI. My own BNI story is one of the chapters of my Chocks Away book and it is available as a free pdf download from here.

As an accountant though I have a problem, as BNI is also the world’s number one referral organisation there is high demand for places… and the accountant place is the most highly sought after as there are many more accountants who would like to join than places available.

After spending several months looking for a place myself locally I was unable to find one, so have decided that in Spring 2012 I will launch my own BNI group based in or very near to the centre of Cobham in Surrey:

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Interest will be high and, as I have found myself over the last few months, the most highly sought after places will go very quickly.

If you know of anyone who could handle more business, please do refer them to me – speaking for myself, joining BNI was the best business decision I’ve made.