Following on from successful presentations in both Kent and Surrey, today saw me presenting again – this time in Essex.

The new workshop for 2012 is titled “Earn more MONEY by using Social Media and BNI Connect.”


In a recent feedback survey from this workshop:

90.6% rated this workshop “Excellent/Very Good”

80% said it added value to their Membership.

90% said they would encourage other members to come along to this event.

100% rated the presenters as Good/Excellent.


The workshop is a guide on how people can benefit from using the popular Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc and also now BNI Connect.

We also take attendees through all they can do with BNI Connect and how to have a great online presence, both locally, nationally and worldwide.

The trainings are run by, Zoe Cairns (Trainer Consultant Speaker – Social Media Marketing), James McBrearty (Business Social Media expert) and Tim Kidd (BNI)

Together we give attendees the ‘Know How’ to use Social Media to help them in their business and also the BNI angle to help their referral marketing and growth for themselves and their local group.


There have been many requests for BNI Connect Training and Social media, so the workshops will be coming back to Kent, Surrey and Essex later in the year.

You can find details of the next workshops on the ‘Training and Events’ sections on the regional websites: