Saving time, money & the environment

There are many benefits to online when it comes to tax and accountancy, rather than traditional methods of the past:


With no meetings or trips to the post office/postbox your time can be spent on other things.

When you have queries during the year, rather than perhaps playing ‘phone-tag’ you can send an email and focus on other areas.


People often forget that their own time has a value. Trying to do things yourself, or spending time travelling and in meetings all has a cost.

By not travelling, or having to print out documents or post them, you are also saving money.

The environment

Another benefit of doing things online is to the environment.

With no travel for meetings or to the post office, emissions are eliminated.

Not having to print out documents means no paper or ink is used.

In the early days of my business I was meeting with clients at a convenient location, as well as face to face networking.

As a result, I was travelling many thousands of business miles a year but have been able to reduce this to under one thousand miles in the 2022/23 year.

In additional to the business travel, I was regularly making trips to the local post office several times a week. There was also the extensive use of paper and printing to consider, as well as the actual postage.

Changing to a completely online practice over the years has resulted in savings to time and costs, as well as significant benefits to the environment. The cost savings are passed on to clients with lower fees, and being able to absorb excess inflation.

Clients have a better service and also save time and money and the environment with their own savings as well.

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