Business blogging increases website traffic?

As with several aspects of social media, the misconception may be that it does not have a direct business return that can be easily measured.

When it comes to blogs, there is data out there to prove the business results that can be achieved – and an increase in hits to a website is one easy way that can be measured in real-time. (In addition to all the other benefits that come as a result.)

I was at a branding master class meeting in Guildford when one of the attendees shared an amazing statistic from Sarah Orchard, who was a key speaker at The Big eCommerce Conference:

– a blog with 100 posts sees three times more traffic than one with 50 posts.

– by blogging twice a week you will receive three times more traffic than somebody blogging once a week.

These are amazing statistics, so I decided to perform my own test. For a period of two weeks I blogged every day, the result was…

I increased my website traffic by nearly double… and had a record 10,000 hits one week.

Whilst blogging every day isn’t something that many of us can sustain, it does prove the point. As a result of that I do plan to blog once a week as a minimum, which is something that can easily be achieved.

For myself, I tend to get in the writing zone and produce batches of blogs together. Thanks to the scheduling features of my website these can be set to issue one per week – no matter where I happen to be that day.

Have you tried business blogging yet? It could be a great way to increase traffic and engagement, and the only cost is your own time.

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