Today’s post is a short one, but with an important message for the self-employed.

If you are travelling on business you may use a car, and despite being a careful driver there is always the possibility that someone may prefer to use your parked car instead of their brakes – as happened to me yesterday for the first time!

But have you notified your insurance company that the car is being used for business purposes?

It was one of the first things I did when I started the business six years ago, for a professional the additional premium for business use is in the tens of pounds rather than the hundreds so it is an affordable cost as well as being a requirement for cover.

I am currently working on a new checklist for the self-employed, which will include this point.

The checklist will be uploaded to the resources section of the website, as well as linking from my blog, so do look out for this in the coming week.

…and if you are looking for an insurance quote, I can refer you to a firm that I meet with weekly – please do contact me for an introduction.