The number of people accessing websites through ipads is increasing, showing their penetration.

I’ve been a long time user of the iPod touch for web access as it is so quick with no bootup time of a normal PC, so replaced this with an iPad when they were launched.

The great advantage of the iPad is it gives you easy full web access whenever is convenient allowing you to access sites easily, something I proved last week.

One of my flying forum websites had a posting looking for test pilots one evening, a post that in the past would most likely not have been seen until the next day when people booted up their PC’s.

Using my iPad I was able to see the posting and then using its built in email app sent off my details.

I was lucky enough to be one of the first to reply and chosen so after working at the weekend to help a couple of new clients with accounts needed asap I was able to take the day and test fly this yesterday:


My flight test review will be published in an upcoming edition of Flyer magazine, so look out for this – Flyer is available in most newsagents.

This blog was also written, edited and posted on the iPad too.