Susan is an employee who had not completed tax returns before.

Many people assume that because they are employees they do not need to complete a tax return and whilst this may be correct in many cases it could mean that they lose out on potential tax refunds.

Susan was paying professional subscriptions for memberships required to perform her role (of several hundred pounds a year.) These qualify for tax relief and we were also able to complete several years back returns in one session for her.

As a result she received a significant refund from HMRC, as well as being reassured that her tax affairs are up to date now and have been checked by us. Due to a change in jobs mid year for one of the prior years we uncovered a further refund due to her as a result of an incorrect tax code being operated.

Her affairs going forward are dealt with as soon as she provides us with the information, and we prepare computation schedules setting out Susan’s tax position so she knows the situation at an early date.