Struggling to deal with own tax affairs

In addition to helping those looking to change accountant we can also help people struggling on their own.

Bob is an example of a typical client of this type that we help:

Bob is in his forties and is self employed.

Like most of us, Bob started self employment to have more time to spend with his children, relaxing and pursuing his hobbies. Unfortunately, with the current economy, things haven’t worked out as Bob hoped. Bob is spending most of his time on his business to keep it going, and he has to work in the evenings and at weekends. Bob is unhappy about this.

The last thing Bob needs is the tax return reminder he has just received through his letterbox from HMRC – all his time is being spent on keeping his business going.

Bob would like to get help with his tax return, but he can’t afford the time away from his business to visit an accountant, and what will it cost? Bob would really like to find a service that, as well as offering meetings in the evening when he is not out earning money with clients, offers him a range of fixed price services – so he can choose the level of help he needs and he then knows exactly what it will cost and can budget for it.

Bob may not have realised what it is costing him to do his own tax return (if he could actually find the time) – he may think it is saving money to do it himself, but if he was out earning money from clients in those hours instead how much would he have made? Also, he probably doesn’t realise that accountancy fees for the self employed are an allowable business expense for tax so the actual real cost is less than he thought.

Bob needs all the income he can get, so missing out on tax relief on any other allowable expenses that he could claim for could be a needless cost.