When applying for a mortgage, the mortgage company will want evidence of your earnings.

If you are an employee, then copies of your P60 or payslips are usually what they are looking for.

When it comes to the self-employed, they will be looking for copies of your accounts.

It is a normal part of the process for them to ask your accountant to complete a form with details of your business as well as the details from the accounts.

The mortgage companies will also ask what qualifications your accountant has, both of my own are ‘approved’ qualifications that the vast majority of lenders accept.

Occasionally I do receive enquiries from people asking if I can certify their accounts for a mortgage application – unfortunately unless these are accounts that I have actually prepared for them then I am unable to assist.

If you know anyone who is currently completing their own accounts, they may wish to engage the services of an accountant – not only from the potential tax and time savings that can be achieved, but also from the point of view of future mortgage applications.