Comparing Accountant’s fees

If you are comparing fees, then there are some important points to consider:

My packages are for fixed fees rather than an estimate. Estimates can sometimes unfortunately be too low, resulting in a nasty surprise later.

My prices are the total you pay, as the majority of our clients are not VAT registered. Many accountants quote fees excluding VAT, so you could find an extra 20% on top of the bill you had expected.

With my choice of packages you can pick one that includes many benefits that would cost extra from other advisers. On our bronze service we can even supply you with a straightforward pre formatted spreadsheet to record your data, rather than have to pay extra for an accounting package that suits them… and then have to spend your own time learning how to use it.

We can see you in the evenings or weekends at no extra cost. Going to see an accountant during business hours costs you money in lost work, we understand that and are flexible to your needs.