Certain professions, such as ourselves as tax advisers, are required to complete CPD each year by their professional associations.


This can take the form of seminars, webinars, research and professional publications. Usually a certain number of hours CPD is required as a minimum, although many people exceed this.


CPD ensures that professionals keep up to date with changes in rules and procedures, and are able to provide the best service to their clients.


CPD is a genuine expense and qualifies for tax relief, benefiting both the individual with lower tax bills as well as the economy with an enhanced workforce.


As I am also a Director Consultant for BNI I am permitted to issue CPD certificates to attendees at any trainings I present. This is something that was introduced so that, as well as the business benefits from attending the training, attendees are also able to count the time towards their CPD requirements.



If you know anyone who is required to undertake CPD for their own profession, it is worth asking if they are claiming tax relief.

And if they are not doing this, then it is something that I can assist them with.