With the holidays unfortunately also comes a payment reminder from HMRC for the 31st January 2014 tax liabilities.

In case HMRC’s letters go astray, I also contact all our clients later in the month to remind them about the upcoming payment amount and deadline.

Tax Codes
December 31st is the cut off date for the possibility of HMRC collecting suitable tax liabilities through the tax code in a later year.

In order to be eligible the return has to be completed and submitted to HMRC in advance of this deadline, so if you know anyone who has still to complete a 2013 tax return please do put them in touch.

The office will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, however I am available over the holiday period.

Email is the quickest way to reach me if you have any tax queries over the holidays.

Future Tax Developments
I’ll be covering the points raised from my presentation at Denbies in next month’s newsletter.

Business Networking
I’ve been a member of a local networking group since March. They meet every other week in Oxshott on Thursday mornings.

One of the members shot this video a few weeks ago, asking the members and visitors about the benefits of business networking in Surrey that they have experienced:

If you would like to visit our group, please do contact me for an invitation.

I will be in touch again next month – in the meantime please do join me on social media (the links are in the footer) as I share tax tips and advice more frequently there.