Guildford Flourish Workshop

Last week I took a day out of the office to attend a workshop in order to focus on my plans for 2012.

Whilst many people may be thinking about winding down for the holidays in a couple of weeks time, this is actually a good time of year to plan for the future.

I spent the day planning, and now have some very exciting projects in addition to the ones I was already working on – as well as reconnecting to the reason behind what I do.


As a business owner it is easy to become distracted by the day to day events and it is good to take some time to refocus.

The day I spent brought back into focus the reason I founded, which is to be dedicated in helping self employed people pay less tax and avoid fines.

From that focus, it then highlights the other assistance that we bring to clients:

Personal contact
Peace of mind

Taking time out of your business to work ON the business with experts is something I’d very much recommend

If you are interested in attending the same workshop, which I highly recommend, there is another one running in January and you can find further details from here.