Do you have a bouncer for your business?

Every business needs a bouncer, by that I mean someone you can bounce ideas off and benefit from their experience.

Most situations you will encounter in business will have already been experienced by someone else, so rather than waste time trying to work things out yourself why not benefit from the knowledge of people who have already done this?

When I launched back in 2006 I didn’t have a bouncer for the first couple of years and found things quite difficult. I also made a few mistakes that I wouldn’t have done if I had been able to benefit from others experience (especially in light of the £3,000,000 blog I mentioned recently.)

In 2008 I started networking online and also joined BNI, this gave me access to others in business and I was able to bounce ideas and also benefit from their own experiences.

For many people, this can be a powerful way to help develop your business.

Yesterday I attended Hannah Liversidge’s Business Accelerator meeting in Kew. This is a concentrated afternoon session where businesses come together to share their issues and benefit from the different perspectives and experiences of the attendees – it’s a powerful meeting and great breakthroughs can be made from this.

It’s an event I highly recommend to business owners, and there is also the networking benefit of the meeting too.

The venue was in Kew, in these impressive surroundings:

You can find out more details here about the Business Accelerator, including dates for the next ones, something I highly recommend: