Frequently Asked Questions

Many people feel overwhelmed when it comes to their tax affairs, but there’s no need to struggle alone.

As a tax expert, my aim is to simplify the process and make it as painless as possible for my clients.


How much does it cost to engage an accountant??

I operate fixed-fees, so you know in advance how much it will cost.

Please do visit the packages page to find out more about the choice of packages and the costs.

Can an accountant help me if I’m behind with my tax?

Definitely – it is always much better to come forward to HMRC if you are behind than hope they miss you.

Penalties for not declaring income are much higher if you have not come forward on your own.

I have helped people who were several years behind get up to date in a matter of weeks. This also removes all the worry of not knowing what their liabilities could be.

What is the process for engaging an accountant?

It is straightforward.

Please do visit the engagement page to see how we would start working together.

I have simplified the process into four steps, to make things easy to understand.


Is it easy to change accountant?

Yes, it is also straightforward.

Please do visit the engagement page to see how we would start working together.

The only extra steps would be for you to inform your previous accountant of the change. I would then request professional clearance to obtain any relevant transfer information.

What experience should I look for when choosing an accountant?

As well as qualifications, experience in helping businesses like yours is important.

When I founded my own practice in 2006, I had already spent 17 years building up my experience. I’ve run the tax department for a Surrey accountancy firm, and also worked with a big four firm over the years.

Since founding I have specialised in helping one person businesses.

Can I save money dealing with my own tax and accounts?

Many small business owners make the mistake of trying to do everything themselves. Unfortunately, this could cost them significant time and money.

People usually underestimate the amount of time it will take… That time would be much better spent working on the business rather than in it.

Accountancy fees qualify for tax relief in the accounts, in effect reducing the cost to you.

With the regular changes in the tax regulations, they may also miss out on allowances and reliefs. Or could even claim deductions that are no longer available…

As a result, they could end up paying more tax by trying to do things themselves

What qualifications should I look for in an accountant?

Anyone can call themselves an “accountant”, even if they are not qualified.

I am dual qualified in tax and accounts. I’m also registered in practice with, and a fellow of, the ATT. The ATT is the oldest and largest professional body for UK tax compliance.

It is important to look for recognised qualifications when selecting an accountant.

Are there any extra costs when engaging an accountant?

Unfortunately, there can sometimes be confusion between a quote and an estimate.

My fees are actual fixed-fees rather than an estimate. My fees shown are also the actual total you pay. Many practitioners quote their fees excluding VAT. This could mean a nasty surprise if you had not realised this.

I specialise in helping small businesses who operate below the VAT registration limit. For them VAT added onto fees would mean an extra 20% cost to their business, that they were not expecting.

How does an online accountancy practice work?

My goal is to save you time and money.

The tax return is signed online using computer, tablet or phone. I am also able to send the tax return documents by password protected pdf file, for you to sign and return. 

Most queries can be answered quickly by email, rather than you having to take time to come to a meeting or schedule a phone call.