Why bother?

“Through a combination of social media and traditional business methods, I’ve achieved much greater success than either on their own.

Social media can actually save time if you use it effectively”

Return On Investment (of time):

Social Media gives you an opportunity to connect. If you embrace it then the potential results are:

– high conversion rate for new clients

– shorter initial meetings

– better search results

– low costs
The secret to social media success

Two key points to remember right from the start:

  • Social Media isn’t Broadcast Media – whilst the occasional message about what you sell is ok, just broadcasting ‘buy my widgets’ is not the key.
  • The key is in the name Social Media – engagement will bring results.

Engagement is not always business related:
“One new client I gained from twitter was as a result of a conversation started about what movie to watch on a public holiday… not because I was broadcasting messages about what I do”

Indirectly gaining clients is more often true:

Social Media gives you a chance to speak about your beliefs and goals, these will all add to the picture people have about you.

“People do business with people like themselves”, so it gives you the opportunity to let them know more.

How to get results:

1) Regular use of Social Media is recommended – if you are not engaging with people within a reasonable time when they contact you, it is better to not use Social Media at all.
2) Share valuable content – depending on your audience, you can help people by saving them time in finding out things for themselves.
3) Engagement – if the account is in your name then it should be you that uses it, rather than someone else on your behalf.


Differences – a social media mindset

Congratulations, you may now have just become:

  • A journalist
  • A photographer
  • A TV presenter

Always remember… Social Media is public, what you say today could end up as news in tomorrow’s paper.


Also remember… there is no delete button on the web. What happens on the web, stays on the web – forever. Even if you delete something, someone will always have a copy.
Sadly, we have to mention trolls:



Whilst healthy, respectful, debate is to be welcomed – a troll is someone who posts negative comments on content you have created, just for fun to try to get a reaction.

As a content creator, you are making your view public – some people may disagree.

Indeed, one person I know says that for everything created, no matter what, you will always get a small negative response.

However, you should concentrate on helping the majority that receive benefit from your content.

Agree to disagree, respectfully – remember what you say online is public and forever

Don't Feed the Troll

Getting started quickly and easily

Twitter is the site I recommend as it is easy to pick up, but you will still learn all the major principles there.

You can download my ‘getting started with twitter guide’ online.

A mobile phone is all you need – you can turn otherwise dead time into productive time, wherever you are.

Next steps

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