Helen Colechin – HR Department

I met with Helen recently for a one to one meeting, we are both members of the same business networking group based in Caterham.

Helen represents the HR department in our group, the company provides outsourced HR services to people needing them – whether on a one-off or on a regular basis.

They also offer a free initial visit or telephone call, where they can discuss the options.

Many people start in self employment on their own, but their comes a time when taking on staff may be needed. The HR department can provide advice on setting up employment contracts, and the employment contract can be used as a template for future employees of the same business.

In addition to providing specific advice, they also run regular free seminars as well as a monthly newsletter and have several fact sheets available.

There is also a help line service available through a monthly fee, so you can have the benefit of the knowledge of a full-time HR person in your business at a fraction of the cost.

Please do contact me for an introduction to Helen, I will be posting further updates in the future as I learn more about the company through our weekly meetings.

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