Perhaps you may know someone who has spent a long time trying to contact HMRC by phone?

HMRC’s own statistics show that in 2010/11 only 48% of calls were answered, however this increased to 74% in 2011/12.

Their target is to answer 90% of calls, and they have announced the recruitment of an additional 1,000 staff to help them achieve this goal.

In many cases though, queries can be answered by your accountant – this is one of the reasons behind the fixed-fee packages I offer.

Rather than spend your time on hold, clients can call/email/text me with any tax queries they may have and I will answer these for them – all included as part of the fixed-fee package.

Usually, general queries are something that can be quickly answered by someone familiar with your case and the current legislation – saving you time that you can put to better use.