HMRC has recently announced another campaign, the Health and Wellbeing tax plan is as the name suggests targeting those working in the fields of health and wellbeing.

The campaign runs from 7 October 2013 to 6 April 2014, and will allow people who are behind with their tax reporting requirements a chance to get up to date and minimise the penalties charged.

People have until the 31st December 2013 to notify HMRC that they wish to use the facility, and until 6th April 2014 to disclose the details and settle any tax due.

The campaign is only open to those who have not already been contacted by HMRC in relation to outstanding tax affairs. It can be used for any years that are outstanding, up to 5th April 2012.

Once the notification period ends on 31st December 2013, HMRC intends to pursue those who it believes should have made use of the campaign.

If you know of anyone working in the health and wellbeing fields, and is behind with their tax, now is an ideal opportunity to get up to date and avoid heavy penalties – please do put them in touch, I offer a no-charge initial meeting where we can discuss their position.