When I decided to start a new networking group in Cobham I had two choices:


A) Start it on my own, and make things up as I went along.

B) Use the proven procedures from an organisation involved in networking. In fact, the world’s number one referral marketing organisation. One with 140,000 members worldwide and more than twenty-five years experience. An organisation that, just in the UK and Ireland alone saw its members share in over a quarter of a billion pounds worth of business in 2011. An organisation that has its own private social network that connects all 140,000 members worldwide. An Organisation that also provides extensive training for its members so that they can earn more in their business – training that is also certified for CPD purposes.


When you consider the two options, it should be pretty clear which is more likely to produce the best results and it is no surprise that I chose option B. I was most surprised though when one person I met this week thought that doing it all myself was what I should have done, and proceeded to tell me so in no uncertain terms!


When I decided on the best option to start the group with support, I approached the executive director of the networking organisation in my area, and asked if this would be possible. I was grateful when he agreed that I could start my own group.

As you would expect from the world’s number one referral organisation you don’t just start these groups without training.

My personal investment in this training amounted to nearly £1,000 and almost a week out of the office. I didn’t want to wait to get the group started, so right after the 31st January deadline I travelled up to Sheffield to attend the training rather than take a holiday.


Having successfully completed the training I have been running the meetings at Cobham for several weeks now.


If you would like to visit the group, please do contact me to reserve your place.