Yesterday I covered the point that the length of your blog does not have to be a specific amount. Today I will cover the other point that can put people off – how often should I post a blog?

The more often you are posting a blog, the more traffic you should receive to your site. When you are starting out you may only post one blog a month, which is fine if you post one every month.

When I am looking at other people’s blogs, if the last post was six months ago then it gives the appearance that they may have stopped. Regular posting will give you a greater impression and let readers know that your site is current.

There are also search engine benefits to regular updating, as if a site is being regularly updated then it will be seen to be active rather than one that has a reducing interest and relevancy so will rank higher.

If you are interested in the amount of traffic coming to your site then your goal should be to aim to post one blog a week, which with some experience is fairly straightforward to do.

To take things to the next level, if you are able to post three blogs a week then I heard last week that this will result in a 450% increase in site traffic compared to posting just one blog a week.

Do you blog? If so, how often do you post an update?