Following on from my earlier post about the importance of being present fully where you are, there is a trick you can use to give the appearance of being somewhere else…

This is the use of update scheduling, something that if used correctly can increase your effectiveness.

For example, while I was enjoying a woodland walk this morning my blog was updated with the summer competition post and our monthly client mailing was issued as well.
I had pre-prepared both of these and set them to be issued this morning – with the most un summer like weather we have been having recently the weekend can be a good time for people to catch up online.

Most software has the option of scheduling an update, whether it is a blog, mailing or a social media site.

Used sparingly, this can be a good way to maintain regular contact when you know you are going to be concentrating on something else.

It’s important to make sure they are used sparingly though – social networking isn’t broadcast networking, I’ve seen people make the mistake of using them to blast out sales messages 24/7.

Do you use scheduling in your posts?