The Four Step Tax Engagement Process:

1 – Setup

Choosing a fixed-fee package to provide the support level you need. ID verification and HMRC authorization.

2 – Preparation

Preparation of the tax return and accounts according to the fixed-fee package level chosen.

3 – Agreement

Providing you with the tax return and clear computations setting out your liability. Explaining and agreeing these.

4 – Ongoing

Answering queries during the year. Reminding you of upcoming deadlines. Keeping you updated on tax changes.

Benefits of seeking professional assistance:

  • Making sure that you are claiming for all allowances that you are entitled to…

  • …and not claiming for anything that you shouldn’t be

  • Freeing up time for you to spend on other things

  • Avoiding nasty surprises for unexpected tax bills

  • Being able to easily ask questions throughout the year without having to wait on the telephone for a long time trying to get through

  • Planning for upcoming changes in tax rules well in advance

Detailed process steps to engage an accountant:

The process to either engage or change an accountant is straightforward:

1) We discuss your requirements and how I can help you, usually over email.

2) You choose one of the fixed-fee packages suitable to meet your requirements

3) To open the file I need details from you to verify your ID, as you would provide when opening a bank account for example. I then send you an engagement letter to sign. This sets out how we work together and the provision of information/etc.

4) I request HMRC authorisation to access details of your tax records. This is usually via a code they post to you for forwarding on to me. (If you are not registered with HMRC and don’t already have a UTR number then we would request this first.)

5) I prepare the tax return and accounts, agree these with you and submit them to HMRC. I provide you with an easy to read tax computation and explanation of the payments and due dates.

6) I keep you updated about upcoming deadlines well in advance, so you can relax. You can also contact me throughout the year with any general tax queries you have. There is no need to worry about extra costs as queries are all included within the fixed-fee.

If you already have an accountant the only extra step would be for you to inform them of the change. I would then request professional clearance from them to transfer any relevant information across.

How long does the process take?:

The whole process usually takes only a few short weeks, and we can start working straightaway.

This can be most reassuring for people who have been worrying about their tax position for some time.