If you are shooting video for your business, then perhaps a teleprompter could help – and a simple one can even be made for free.

I’ve shot quite a few videos now, if you are reading from a script then it can be obvious on the video if you’re not looking straight into the camera…

the solution is a teleprompter, unfortunately professional ones are expensive and if you are only shooting the occasional video from a read script might not be worth the investment.

Looking on the web I found a great video of how to make one using a sheet of glass and an old ipad box, but I wanted something simpler.

A few people say to use a CD case as part of their builds, and this is a great way to do it.

In this video you can see how the screen is readable in studio lights, but disappears when the camera is behind it.

If you have some CD’s available them the cost of using an old case is nil.

You then tape the sides of the CD case to make approximately a 45 degree angle and that’s your teleprompter hardware finished!

Next you need software for your phone that reverses the screen so it shows up correctly when you look at the teleprompter.

Here I’m using Promptware Plus from Listec: http://bit.ly/PyAxGJ

It’s a free app, so there’s no cost involved either.

Equipment needed: CD case, free app & some tape – that’s it.

You may want to experiment with positioning the teleprompter and perhaps blocking the light around and above it to minimise reflections, but as you can see in the video under 1.6kW of studio lighting its perfectly readable.