I’m helping a £1.6 million turnover business to grow

Last week I visited a local business group near Kingston in Surrey, BNI Coombe Wood.

It was my first visit to meet the group, and with the warm welcome they extended it was easy to see how the thirty members work well together, and as a result have shared in over £1.6 million of business between them in the last twelve months.

They reported the largest number of 121 meetings over the last week that I have seen to date, and as we know these can double the results of business passed I’m sure their turnover will be growing further.

I have been involved with BNI since 2008, and became a Director Consultant a year after joining – this involves delivering trainings and helping the members in local groups to make more money and save time.

Coombe Wood is the latest group I am responsible for helping, having taken one previous group from twenty-two members to forty-seven within a year I am looking forward to working with the members over the coming months. In addition the group I was looking after was the top ranked group in Surrey, as well as being ranked 15th out of all the 600 or so groups in the UK at the time.

It is a privilege to be able to help members make more money, and my skills are constantly being improved thanks to the training and experience that is regularly passed on through monthly regional director meetings.

Over the last four years I have also developed my own skills, and my abilities to assist members earn more, through attending both national conferences in the UK as well as the international ones in California. I was lucky to be able to attend my first international conference back in 2009, where I met directors from many different countries and we were able to share our experiences.

The secret to my success is very much as Nick Tadd said when I interviewed him last week:

Never stop learning