I have also published many of my course lectures on the website, in both text and video format.

You can access these below:

Setting goals for your small business

Unexpected time demands for the new business owner

The benefits of starting a business part-time

Time spent in your own business isn’t actually free

Financial Matters
The best source of small business finance

Avoid sharks circling your small business

How to get ahead with bookkeeping and accounts

Key tax points for the new small business

Insurance for a new small business

A simple business plan that you’ll actually use

Your ‘Office’
Choosing where to run your new small business from

The best tech combination for a small business

Communication options for a small business

Choosing meeting locations to see clients

Backups (and security) for a small business

What do you do, exactly?

How to reach potential clients?

The importance of your own website

The benefits of business blogs and videos

Get started with business networking

Online networking & social media

Paid advertising options

Free marketing options for small business

Your easy small business marketing plan

The sales process & marketing funnel

Communication response expectations

Business Development
Time demands as your business grows

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The importance of regular client contact

When to use professional help to grow your business

Using your business accounts for planning

The importance of downtime for the self-employed

Your ongoing business plan