My experiences of the benefits of using business video

I’ve been using videos for business since 2009, and had great results from them.

The videos I initially created were of me being interviewed about, explaining the services and how we work with clients to make things as easy as possible.

The videos were then integrated into our website so that visitors had the option of watching the video or listening to the audio as well as reading the copy on the website.

Shortly after the videos went live I had a rather unusual meeting with a new client, someone I had never met before. The meeting took around 20 minutes, which was half the time of an average new client meeting beforehand. In addition the client was much more ready to proceed.

The reason for this was the videos online – the client has in effect already ‘met’ me and covered the basics that I had in the past had to explain to people at every meeting.

So, whilst it took some time away from the office to create these videos the result was an increased conversion level and a saving in time from future meetings.

My videos are working 24/7 generating enquiries and answering questions – whenever it is convenient for the viewer to watch.

Perhaps business video is something you want to investigate yourself?

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