I have been a member of the group for several years, and regularly attend meetings at the ATT’s head office near the Houses of Parliament in London.

You may wonder what the Steering Group is, here is some more information:

Member Steering Group (previously part of Member and Student Services Committee) gets involved in virtually all of the interaction that the Association has with its members.

Our detailed responsibilities are too numerous to mention but our principal objectives are:

1. To monitor and regulate members, as delegated by Council;

2. To provide and develop benefits and support services to members;

3. To be proactive and responsive to the needs of present and future members and their employers and to those who engage their services; and

4. To encourage successful students to take up ATT membership and remain as ATT members.

In furtherance of these objectives we work closely with other steering groups and committees to ensure a coherent and consistent approach.

You can find out more about the ATT from their website, www.att.org.uk