On a Sunday, are you dreading the working week?

There is an unfortunate statistic from Premier Inn’s survey, that 40% of British workers dread the return to work on a Monday. Apparently the dread is even said to start around 4pm on a Sunday afternoon!

But why? Surely if people are not enjoying their work they would find a role more suited to their talents?

It could be that people stick with a role they do not enjoy because of ‘job security’, however as I say in my recent book – now it could actually be the self-employed that have greater job security than the employed.

It’s something to consider, you could actually start a part-time self-employed business while working so that you have extra security and can then easily make the shift from employee to self-employed should anything happen to your role.

When you are doing something you enjoy, it stops being ‘work’ and is something you look forward to.

You can find out more about my thoughts on the matter in Genevieve de Lacaze’s new book ‘Passion Pays’ as I am one of the featured contributors.

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