2012 is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year, celebrating 60 years.

2012 is also a personal Jubilee for me, celebrating 12 years as a qualified pilot – the appropriately named Silk (Scarf?) Jubilee.

There are many similarities between being a pilot and running a business, the main one being to follow your passion. Indeed, I am being featured in a new book that is shortly to be published ‘Passion Pays’ by Genevieve de Lacaze.

There is an aviation theme to my own first book, ‘Chocks Away: achieving freedom from the 9 to 5’, and it is also something that I’ve mentioned several times in blogs over the last few years:

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In the twelve years that I’ve been a pilot, combined with the six years running taxhelp.uk.com, following my passions I’ve had many great experiences. Below are a selection of my flying ones, which are very much linked to business success.

How have you been following your own passions, and what experiences have you had in doing this?

Please share in the comments below.