Silver – Return & Accounts

If you require a tax return as well as self-employed or rental accounts.

If you are keeping your own accounting records then the silver service is for you. Your records may likely be in a spreadsheet or using online bookkeeping.

The silver service includes preparing both the accounts and tax return. I also provide help throughout the year to answer any queries you have.

Included is a detailed tax computation and tax return schedule report. These are easy to understand, and I can also let you have ‘what if’ reports for planning purposes.

Sadly many people do not understand their annual accounts and their importance.

Accounts should not be something that you only prepare for the tax return. Instead, they should be used to analyse the past year’s results and also to help you plan for the future.

Fixed fee Silver Service includes:

– Ongoing support throughout the year. Answering any general tax and business queries you have.

– Making sure that you are using all the allowances available to you, so that you pay the right amount of tax.

– Explanation of the return requirements and help with obtaining any information.

– My monthly client newsletter. This provides summaries of any key changes that affect personal tax as soon as announced.

– Preparation and agreement of the tax return and accounts. Preparation of the accounts from summary schedules provided by you. Whichever method of record keeping is easiest for you, I can prepare the accounts from these.

– Providing detailed tax computations & planning schedules. Explaining these in detail and also covering how to use them for business growth.

– Online submission of the return to HMRC. This ensures processing by HMRC as soon as possible. It also ensures the speedy issue of any refunds due to you.

– Agreement of the tax return with HMRC where any queries arise.

– Dealing with any HMRC correspondence throughout the year. You can then concentrate on other matters.

– Issuing reminders to you for upcoming tax deadlines.

Making Tax Digital for Income Tax from 2024. You will prepare the digital bookkeeping using the MTD compatible spreadsheet I will supply on the Silver Service.

There will be an additional charge of £25 per quarterly submission to check and submit this to HMRC on your behalf.

If you would like me to prepare the digital bookkeeping records for you, the gold service would be suitable for you instead.

The price for the Silver Service is £305

Accountancy fees for the self-employed and landlords are a business expense qualifying for tax relief

Please do make contact to see how I can help to make tax easy for you: