During the current situation, I am available to help clients remotely:

  • Meetings can be held through telephone or skype instead of in person.
  • Documents can be scanned and sent to me either through email or by using an online service such as Dropbox.
  • I am available to answer queries through email or you can use the online message box on the website contact page instead if that is more convenient.
  • Completed tax returns, accounts and documents can be sent to you securely through encrypted pdf.
  • I have invested in tax software that can be used for planning future possible scenarios so that we can review future tax liabilities well in advance.

2020 Tax Returns

We are also now approaching the end of the current tax year. I would recommend completing the 2020 tax returns soon after 5th April 2020:

  • Any tax refunds due can be calculated and paid to you at an early date.
  • If there are payments on account estimated for 31st July, these may be able to be reduced based on actual figures.
  • The tax code for 2020/21 will be updated by HMRC when the 2020 return is submitted, to ensure that the correct deductions are being made for the next tax year.
  • You will know any upcoming tax payments due to HMRC well in advance and can plan for them.

Please do get in touch if you have any queries regarding your tax – there is no charge for the initial consultation, which can be by email in the current situation to fit in with your schedule.