I started taxhelp.uk.com back in 2006, specifically to help the self-employed and individuals with their personal tax.

Having helped many clients through the last downturn in the economy, from 2008 – 2013, I am sure that their will again be many success stories from small businesses in the coming years.

Over my first decade in business, I had observed many new businesses making the same mistakes unfortunately.

Because of this, I launched my online course in 2016 on how to start a small consultancy business while minimising both the risks and costs.

In addition, I have also published two books to help the self-employed. My first book, published in 2010, shares my own story as well as advice I picked up on reducing risks. My second book, published in 2012, shares easy to apply tips on how to grow a small business for low costs.

There are a large amount of free resources available to help you with growing your own small business. One I particularly recommend is Small Business Saturday.