Dinah Liversidge [ 11-Feb-11 ]

I have met James on several occasions at BNI and events. I have also read his excellent book “Chocks Away” . Yesterday I took part in a Boardroom event with him and his input, measured and wise words made a great impact.
Thank you James for making a big difference,
Dinah x

Tina Jonasen [ 4-Feb-10 ]

I had the great pleasure of meeting James in January 2010!

Unfortunately there was not time for an 121, but only from the presence of this man you can tell how professional James is in networking!

Being a former “Tax Person” myself – there is no doubt in my mind that James really knows what he is talking about!
so if you need advice – ask James !!!

With these words I will leave you to a continued Glorious Day with wishes for future Prosperous common Networking,

Ces Creatively Minded Loftus [ 1-Jan-10 ]

I am writing testimonials for all those people who have really meant something to me in 2009.

James McBrearty… What a wonderful man and an absolute delight to count as a friend. It has been great getting to know you in 2009 James. I loved putting together and presenting your story in the community club blog. You have inspired many and are a genuine and forward driven open networker. A really supportive friend who I value a great deal.

It was great to meet you when we were down in London and I look forward to meeting up again in 2010. Thank you for all your support, all the times you recommend us, and for always being there to offer encouragement online and off-line. You know that we are here for you too.

You have deserved all the recommendations and new clients “twittering tax-man”… you are extremely good at your job and your great service comes with a ‘genuine friend’. Congratulations on all your achievements in 2009 with BNI, with key note speaking, with your interviews and features… for taking taxhelp.uk.com to the position it is in now.

Wishing you all the best that life can bring in 2010 and beyond! I would say the sky is the limit but given you are a qualified pilot, not even the sky shall limit your potential! Go James HUG

God Bless, with love Ces xxx

nick tadd [ 25-Jun-09 ]

I just want to echo my wife Vanessa’s comments about James.

He has been wonderfully and consistently supportive of all our efforts and it is very much appreciated by us.

James is very knowledgeable in his area of tax, and he shares his knowledge very generously.

A great person to have on your side, in your network, and as a colleague.

Thank you James.

Penny Power [ 22-Jun-09 ]

What a brilliant man James is. Quite incredible actually, a breath of fresh air in the business world and an awesomely up to date TAX Man. James has impressed me over and over again with his attitude and his knowledge and continues to be a great friend of the site and of Thomas and I. Thank you James a real privileged to have you in the online family.

Vanessa Warwick [ 22-Jun-09 ]

It is long overdue that I write a testimonial for the lovely “twittering tax man”.

Nick and I met James online and it is a privilege to have him as part of our network.

James has been a constant and loyal supporter of all our efforts, attending our events, re-tweeting our output on Twitter, and commenting on our blogs etc. James is someone who understands the importance and power of advocacy and he always does his best to support and encourage others. He is very well connected and is very generous in sharing his knowledge and connections.

If you need assistance with your tax, then James is definitely your first port of call.

Thank you James for everything you have done for myself and Nick. You are someone who embraces and represents the real spirit of social media in a quiet, unassuming fashion that does not go un-noticed by others.

James demonstrates the three qualities of successful social media engagement: leadership, authenticity, and consistency.

Lynne Bailey [ 28-Oct-08 ]

James is a great contact to have. I can recommend his knowledge of tax issues.

Solveig McCormick [ 18-Oct-08 ]

James is an excellent networker. We have conducted quite a getting to know you conversation and I have been impressed on all levels. I recommend that you get to know him and if you know of a business needing his services, please consider making an introduction for him. He has made me see online in a new way – “out of the box” which I appreciate.

Thank you James. It has indeed been a pleasure getting to know you.
warm wishes,