…is only a few weeks away now, on the 21st August, and I will again be taking a stand:

The 2013 Ascot Retirement Fair

This year there are additional events, as well as the usual good diversity of exhibitors, to make it a day out (particularly if we still have the summer weather):

• Ping Pong – there is an Australian lady who is 100 years old and still playing – we hope that our visitors will have a go and have as much fun as she does.

• Learn to paint – we will have a painting demonstration or if preferred visitors can just admire the work of the experts.

• Retirement Wishes – we hope that visitors will share their dreams, discover how much they would still like to achieve, and also share the things of greatest concern.

• The Big Sing – during the last hour of the Fair we will all be raising our voices so that we go home smiling and with a good feeling.

You can find out more from their website: www.ascotretirementfair.com