What is your blog called?

I learned last week that being called blog isn’t good enough. I’ve been blogging since 2009, my first blog was simply called ‘James McBrearty’s blog.’

I took a day out of the office to attend a blogging course so I could take my blogging to higher levels. One of the results is the new name for my blog – ‘achieving freedom’, you may ask what’s the significance of the name and there are several:

1) I help people achieve freedom from the 9 to 5 by starting their own business and the tips I share in the blog reflect that. It’s also something I’ve done myself leaving the corporate world.

2) I also help people achieve freedom from paying too much tax, and this is also something I cover in the blog.

3) Networking and public speaking always rate higher than death in surveys of people’s greatest fears! Having started doing these on my own without any support, this is something I can identify with and help people achieve freedom from those fears.

4) In my spare time I fly aeroplanes (I’ve held both European and American private pilots licences for over 10 years) so I achieve freedom from gravity. There are also tips I can share from the flying world that very much apply to the business world.

What’s your blog called, and what does the name signify to you and your readers?