As we approach the sixth birthday of later this month, I thought it would be good to revisit the history of the name and logo.

When I started the company there wasn’t a logo – like many people with new businesses the name comes first. The reason I chose as both the website and company name initially was because I could see the growing potential for the web going forwards.

Having a combined name meant that wherever I was, it was made easy for people to find the company online – they didn’t have to bother with a search and could go straight there.

Also, when networking there is usually a delegate list – the name made it easy for people to find us there as well.

The name itself is also a great way to tell people exactly what we do – provide tax help in the uk, with an online element signified from the .com.

Looking back to our first logo we had produced:

The first logo

You can see how things have developed with the current logo:

The logo

You will also notice the trademark symbol, something that I registered to protect the brand – as well as for future expansion plans.

Do you have a logo for your own business? If so, how has it developed?