I published my first book, a guide to combining online and offline networking, back in 2010.

18 months is a long time in Social Media, we have seen new sites rise and others fall – the speed in which this happens has been increasing.

Whilst the sites people use may change, what remains constant are the techniques I use with Social Networking for business – after all it is just being Social with a network.


With this in mind, and considering the rise of e-readers now (I was an early adopter of the kindle, which had to be imported from the USA), I have adjusted the price of the ebook version of Chocks Away. It will filter through to Amazon and the iBookstore over the next few weeks.

This reflects the fact that things are constantly changing online, and the book market is changing too. The paperback remains at the original price, due to the costs of production, but with ebooks the great advantage is that they can be downloaded in seconds.


If you would like to find out more about how I have used social media in my own business since 2008, please do join me at this event:


Earn More MONEY using Social Media (and BNI Connect)


Which is being held at Denbies on the 20th April, from 2-5pm.

I am one of the presenters, alongside Zoe Cairns and Tim Kidd. When we ran this social media presentation in Kent we had over 100 attendees, who rated it highly.