The importance of downtime for the self-employed



People often forget about their most important business asset, which is themselves.

We’ll cover why it’s so important to schedule in downtime to ensure business growth.

You’ll understand that because business owners love what they do it often doesn’t feel like ‘work’ to us, but you still need to schedule downtime away from the business.

We talked about all the demands on your time, particularly as the business grows.

Indeed, you may have started a business with the goal of having more free time, but end up actually working more than before.

This is particularly the case in the early years of the business but you need to remember your goal – you will be working more then, so that you can work less later.

It’s important to ensure that you also include time for relaxation in your plans, whatever form that takes for you.

If you are using the equipment I recommend, then being away for a week or two doesn’t actually mean you are out of touch – you can keep up to date while away without it affecting your holiday if you choose.

By utilising professional assistance and outsourcing, you can have work being done while you are relaxing – as well as having your telephone calls answered and messages taken.

Taking time to relax also has good benefits for the business – not only will you return refreshed with an increased productivity level, but you can often find that the time away lets you consider the business from afar and to come back with new plans ready to implement. Sometimes you can be too close to the day-to-day operations to see the big picture.

When it comes to your business, remember that the most important asset is yourself.

Don’t feel bad about scheduling in downtime and holidays. It might be difficult in the early years, but short breaks are always possible.

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