This has been talked about for some time, it was interesting to see it in action last night.

The program Dragons Den on the BBC has people pitching their business idea to potential investors, and is a popular one that also has its own versions in many countries.

On last nights show there was a pitch for a website called The Present Club by Georgette Hewitt.

Watching the show, I thought I would check out the site so grabbed my iPad to look it up – only to find that it didn’t seem to be working.

I had thought that this was a lost opportunity, until I found out that the reason it wasn’t working is that it had over 1.4 million hits!

This shows just how many people were multitasking and using the web, probably on a mobile device, whilst watching TV.

The increasing use of mobile web, via smartphones and tablets, is an important one – indeed I changed the video hosting on my website to YouTube so that people using iPads and iPhones without flash could access my videos directly.

In addition, I was also communicating with several people on twitter at the same time last night and we were discussing the show.

You no longer have to wait to discuss shows the next day, now you can do this while they are on