As the 2016/17 tax year draws to a close on 5th April 2017, now is the time to review whether you should replace any existing equipment.

If you purchase new equipment now then you will receive tax relief straightaway in the accounts for the year to 5th April 2017 – meaning that your tax bill due on 31st January 2018 (and also perhaps 31st July 2017) can be reduced.

Whether it is a new computer. phone, printer, or other items – you will likely find that more modern equipment is better and could even be at a lower cost.

Modern equipment tends to be more energy-efficient as well, saving on the running costs.

When it comes to smartphones, the one I recommend(the Moto G) is only £160 – much better value than some phones at 4x the price.

Modern laptops, such as those from Lenovo, are also very affordable too – for business use you may not need super fast processors and graphics cards which further reduces the cost.