Bad luck. You have to pay tax. Those are the rules.

But you don’t necessarily have to pay as much…

Avoiding tax is perfectly legal and there are many ways to do it. Are you making the most of allowances? Getting relief on everything you can? In short, paying as little tax as possible?

Why not call on an expert to find out? An expert like James McBrearty, for example. With over two decades experience providing tax advice, James may be able to find ways to save you some real money (for you to spend on more important things!)

By the way, James can also take care of everything from your books to your annual accounts. All for a fixed and extremely attractive fee. Wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you.

Before you pay any more tax, why not call to find out what a little good advice could do for you.

James McBrearty ATT(Fellow) CAT

Affordable, expert tax advice. Specialising in the self employed.