People start in business to do what they want to do, but are often unprepared for all the tasks they don’t want to do (or are even aware of.)

In this session we will prepare you for the time shock, and all the new jobs you didn’t know that you had just taken on.

By the end you will have a clear understanding of all the new demands on your time.


When you designed your new business you may have though your time would be split something like this – perhaps 90% doing the work you enjoy and maybe 10% on admin. Unfortunately, there is a shock for new business owners, with all the jobs they hadn’t thought about.

These are just some of the new jobs you could now have (in addition to your own):

– Sales & Marketing

– Bookkeeper & Finance Department

– IT Manager

– Web Designer

– Personal Assistant

In fact, without planning, you could find that your working time might actually look like this:


With all the extra jobs you now have to do, you could find that you are running around being very pressured for time when working less might have been one of your goals.

Unfortunately, it is possible to be very busy thinking you are working on the business, but at the end of the day unfortunately not actually be productive.

Activity is not the same as productivity. You can be working very long hours but if you are not taking action that brings in paying clients at the end of the day, then that time will have been wasted.

Once you understand where you need to focus your activity in the early stages then your time could look like this:


You will notice that the biggest allocation of time initially is to sales and marketing, this is something that catches out a lot of people.

Unless you started in business to deal with sales you now find that your new business role is actually a job as a salesperson. This is why the sales and marketing section of this course is the largest.

You need to be prepared for this shock. For many sales and marketing will be something they have never done before for it can be a very steep learning curve. It will naturally take time to develop your skills and build up contacts.

Now that you are aware of the main new job you have, we can prepare and it won’t be such a shock to you.