I’ve been a member of the Association since 2001, and was awarded Fellowship in 2011.

The Association is a charity and the leading professional body for those providing UK tax compliance services in the UK.

There is also the opportunity for members to volunteer and contribute to the future of tax, which is something I have done.

I’ve served on both the ATT Membership Steering Group as well as on the ATT Council.

ATT Member Steering Group
I joined the steering group(then the member and student steering group) back in 2009, and served on it until the end of 2015.

The member steering group:

– monitors and regulates members, as delegated by Council;

– provides and develops benefits and support services to members;

– is proactive and responsive to the needs of present and future members and their employers and to those who engage their services;

– considers ways to encourage successful students to take up ATT membership and remain as ATT members.

ATT Admissions April 2015

ATT Council
I was appointed to council in 2014, when the ATT celebrated it’s 25th anniversary:

ATT 25th Anniversary - Crown Jewels

I also served on the ATT council through 2015.

If volunteering is something you are considering, please do get in touch and I’ll share my experiences.