Many of you will be familiar with Victor Kiam, he became a household name several years ago for his shaver adverts with the famous line “I liked it so much, I bought the company!”

No, I’m not buying BNI! But I am starting my own personal BNI group…

As an Assistant Director for BNI, starting groups is one of the things that AD’s do – except in this case as well as starting the group I am also going to be a member in the new group too.

Since joining BNI in 2008, I have had incredible results as a member and assistant director so I know personally the value of BNI.

You can read more about my BNI experiences in this free chapter from my book.

In 2011 I spend many months looking for a group in the South East with an accountant space available, however was unsuccessful as they are one of the most sought after positions in the UK. Indeed, thanks to collaboration and specialisation, there are actually more accountants in BNI than there are groups.

The date of the first information meeting for the new group will be the 28th February, in the Cobham area.

If you know anyone in the area who could handle more business, please do pass my details on.