Last week I took my ‘more time & money via Social Media’ presentation to Vegas…

That’s Bas Vegas – the name the locals call the area when BNI Basildon meet in Essex at the Holiday Inn.

It was my first presentation in Essex, having previously presented in Surrey, Kent and Spain.

As part of my presentation, which answers the most important question ‘why bother with Social Media?’, I also introduce people to BNI Connect, our private Social Network with 135,000 current BNI members worldwide.

A good number of members there had already completed their profiles and more will be soon thanks to the excellent video I talked about, prepared by Jason Turcotte in the US:


There was a lot of interest in Social Networking within the chapter, with several members already using it in their own businesses.

As well as my shorter presentations to local chapters, I can also give a 45 minute+ presentation (as I did to 85 chartered Accountants in Surrey) and there was interest in setting up this in Essex for multiple chapters so I’m sure I’ll be back there presenting soon.