There are a number of websites that claim to rate your online networking performance, usually by giving you a number from 0 – 100, and supposedly this is your effectiveness online.

It’s an interesting thought, particularly when so many of them have no proven history.

I was very pleased to hear recently that BNI, with 25 years experience in what actually brings members more business, is rolling out member traffic lights.

BNI is the worlds number one referral organisation, so they know what brings actual real world results to members – indeed in the UK alone last year BNI members shared in £245 MILLION of business.

What’s a traffic light?

With this experience and proven success, BNI have created a scoring system that ranks networking performance on a scale of 0 – 100, so that members will be able to ensure that they are being effective in their activities.

Its aim is to assist and is a guideline as to what members may want to focus on to increase the business they receive.

It’s another exciting development from BNI.

We now also have our own social network, BNI Connect, that is rolling out to the 135,000 current and active members of BNI.